Administrative Services

What can we do for your business?

Business growth and achieving a healthy work/life balance is easier with administrative outsourcing.  We will manage your correspondence, newsletters, scheduling appointments, managing logistics of presentations or workshops and managing your databases. Click on topics below to find out how we can help you Mind Your Own Business better.

Office Organization

Office Organization

Smooth workflow processes result in good office organization. Mind Your Own Business gives you an opportunity to outsource scheduling tasks, incoming inquiries and follow up calls, email management, calendar management and communication between departments to make sure the process is executed flawlessly.
Customer Communication and Correspondance

Customer Communication & Correspondence

In the hustle of today’s business world, timely and appropriate communication with clients is critical. We can help. Check out some of the ways Mind Your Own Business can manage your communication.

Thank you!
Two powerful words that are required.  Clients and colleagues should be thanked for their time, referrals, cards and gifts in a timely manner.

We can track special occasions and milestones for your clients and make sure they receive a letter, card or other acknowledgement from you.

Having trouble responding quickly to inquiries?  We will take care of your inquiries and arrange follow up action as you request.

Let’s talk about e-newsletters to stay in touch with your clients and offer them value added information or to promote your next event.

Database Management

Database Management

Databases might be your most valuable business asset.  They need to be current and maintained.  Information needs to be at your fingertips when you need it. We can take care of your information and stay on top of maintaining content.

People do business with people, it’s true. Make sure that the people you are meeting at networking events, conferences and as referrals from colleagues are not getting lost or forgotten. Remembering birthdays or important milestones is one of the many ways a current and well maintained database can keep you organized and help you acknowledge your contacts.

At Mind Your Own Business, we develop and maintain your databases and make sure that your business leads and contacts are up to date.



Whether you need an analysis of your website analytics, tracking statistics for your clients, analyzing activities of your competitors, or research for government grants and bursaries, Mind Your Own Business will provide you with the detailed information that you need. We can offer you detailed reports on a variety of subjects, saving you time and money in the process. Let Mind Your Own Business find the information you need to make informed decisions in managing your organization.