Karen Try is the owner and founder of Mind Your Own Business, a Virtual Administrative Services company offering virtual administration and operations support to independent small business owners.  With experience in corporate, not-for-profit and the private sector, Karen recognizes that successful businesses are achieved by pooling talents and skills of the team members.

Karen and her team offer support services for the small business visionaries and entrepreneurs who want to clear the desk of detailed administrative tasks, to pursue their visions unencumbered by paperwork and constant demand from the digital world!

Let us know how we can rescue you so you can Mind Your Own Business better.

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Nicholas Leye

Nicholas Leye is the General Manager of Mind Your Own Business. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with BSc., and a BEd. With experience in not-for-profit and small business, Nicholas shares his skills and knowledge and offers solutions to help your business thrive.

Primarily managing accounting services, internet research and website creation, Nicholas is dedicated to accuracy and fulfills each customer’s request and vision for their company.

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Svetlana Fetisova

Svetlana Fetisova comes to MYOB with a Masters in Economics and certification in bookkeeping and accounting. Born in Russia, travel was a big part of her childhood experience. Mother of a cherished son, she came to Canada a decade ago to a new culture, language and cuisine with her son and husband.

Primarily handling bookkeeping services, Svetlana is looking forward to meeting clients, getting to know them and their business and making sure that financial records are accurate so that business owners can have the information they need to make decisions.

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Nicholas Leye

Emily Leye is the Social Media & Marketing Manager at Mind Your Own Business. She is a Film & Media (BA) graduate from Western University. Emily has a passion for Social Media and is thrilled to be able to do what she loves most.

She looks forward to working closely with clients and sharing what they love most about their businesses.

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