What is a Virtual Administrator?


A Virtual Administrator is the pain reliever for your business.  From administrative, bookkeeping and operations support services, the virtual administrator is paid for tasks completed with no employer fees and no benefits to pay.

We specialize in working with organizations and entrepreneurs, managing day to day business operations such as responding to inquiries, maintaining databases, managing social media, building and maintaining websites, bookkeeping, newsletters and research.

At Mind Your Own Business, we are here to help you.

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Virtual Administration MYOB

How we can help you Mind Your Own Business

Administrative Services

Organized administrative processes are found in successful organizations.  At Mind Your Own Business, we manage administrative tasks such as reception services through Cloud based services, database management, correspondence and newsletters.  Click below to see how we can help.

Website Design

Your website is one of your strongest branding and marketing tools.  At Mind Your Own Business, we work with you from the ground floor and build a customized website that meets all your business needs.  Click below for more information.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Vine, and Pinterest are exciting marketing tools in your toolbox.  Managing them and engaging your customer base is one of our areas of expertise.  Click below and see how we can make your business stand out on social media.


Mind Your Own Business will work with you monthly or quarterly to keep your company records up to date, your HST filed on time and your invoices paid. Your year end has never been smoother. Click below for more information.


Words are powerful whether written or spoken. Let’s make sure the words that are chosen to represent you and your business are clear and strong and powerful. Click the link below to learn why Mind Your Own Business is your copywriting solution.

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